Fat Freezing from an Aesthetic Doctor’s Eyes

Losing stubborn fat from one’s body is not less than hard work, which requires rigorous exercise, intense diet and running sometimes for many. People are mere concerned with losing fat, tummy from buttocks and face and some do not even involve repercussions of the process. Thus, one needs to see through the eyes of the doctor as how the process works and what measures need to be taken for getting the desired results. Have a look here for more information: https://priveaesthetics.com/prive-treatments/bodyworks/body-contouring/cryo-fat-freeze-therapy/

In the scientific and medical terminology, weight loss is all about maker fat cells slightly smaller than the actual shape, rather losing entire fat cells from the body. With the process of fat freeze, the fat from the fatty areas is reduced to many folds. The good part about the process is after losing fat, in case an individual gains weight, he will never put on weight on the areas treated upon.

For many doctors in Singapore, fat freeze is the safest of all methods when considering losing weight through effective operation. It is like perfect body contouring process which is targeted towards areas of fat deposits. Whereas some other prevalent methods are slightly painful and do no give desired results as compared to fat freeze.

In Singapore, doctors work by application of applicator and gel pad on the targeted areas, followed by long 35 to 70 minutes treatment process which gives tugging and cold feelings and sensations. It is neither painful nor irritating. The area treated upon gets numb at the end. It is also pertinent to mention that there are number of treatment processes which are combined together in this process to get desired results. However, depending upon the body anatomy and response time, some clients are able to view the results as soon as after one month of treatment whereas in certain cases, it takes 2-3 months to see the outcome.

Medical specialists are also of the view that certain elements should be considered when choosing any fat freeze process, like:

  • Cost of the overall process
  • Effectiveness of the process, chances of any side effects etc.
  • Safety elements

The overall cost of one session depends upon the rental of the clinic, cost of the machine and also what charges staff is getting. So, on average considering all these costs, it amounts to $350 per session to sometimes $600 per session. So the overall cost of the procedure covers cost of the machine and consumable cost.

There are number of centres available in Singapore, which use effective and non-invasive technology which doesn’t involve any surgical procedures rather use latest technology for destroying and reducing stubborn fat from selected parts of the body. It is non-surgical procedure, which is unlike any other traditional processes, which work with liposuction to reduce fat deposits from the body mainly from tummy, arms and handles. It mainly targets the area and then with the help of cooling mechanism, freeze processed parts of the body are frozen so they attain permanent shape without damaging other parts of the body. Clinics in Singapore use normal immunity system of a person for the removal of fat from the body.

Individual has to first sign the declaration form, which means he/she abides by the terms and conditions of the process and will accept the final results. This step is essential so no one could harm the reputation of the company working with this process.

Tone and Tighten the Loose Skin of Your Body

Using non-surgical skin tightening treatments, a cosmetic surgeon can successfully tighten the lax skin of your face or body which helps the patient to gain a younger appearance.

Everything About Non-Surgical Skin Tightening

Generally, Skin tightening treatments work by energizing the layer of the skin which further boosts the production of collagen and elastin. As a result, the patient gets improved texture and tone of the skin. There are some treatments that work directly on the fibrous tissues and help to smooth the cellulite. Several FDA approved skin tightening technologies are already available so that you can achieve the best results. 

Why Consider Non-Surgical Skin Tightening Treatments?

Collagen and elastin are the two proteins that work by keeping our skin tighter and toned. As our age grows, the collagen and elastin present in our skin reduce and thus the skin gets loose and makes us look like an old aged person. This is the reason why we have to consider taking non-surgical skin tightening treatments. These Privé Clinic Skin Tightening treatments make us look younger by toning and rejuvenating the skin.


1. Tighten the skin of the face, neck, and body without any kind of surgery.

2. Very less to no downtime

3. Very little risk of adverse effects if a qualified surgeon is performing the treatment.

4. Results will last for around 1 year.


1. Results may take some days to some weeks to appear properly.

2. in some cases, multiple treatments may be needed to get desired results

3. periodic treatment needs to be carried out to maintain the results.

4. These treatments don’t work on too saggy or stretched skin.

Will it Work on Me?

Such skin tightening treatments generally suits the patients who have mild to moderate saggy skin and who do not need any kind of dramatic way to lift the skin. Although there are almost no side effects, the treatment may not be recommended for the people who are pregnant or people with some medical condition.

The only best way to find out whether the treatment suits you or not is by talking to your doctor. If you have any kind of medical condition, then you must talk to your doctor before starting the treatment. You must make sure that the surgeon is well experienced and have a good grade degree.

Which One to Choose?

There are three types of skin tightening treatments that you can get for yourself.

1. Ultrasound

2. Radiofrequency

3. Radiofrequency micro-needling

Although, the basic principle of all the methods is the same. The layer of the skin is heated so that the layer starts producing more amount of collagen and elastin so that these protein works together and make your skin toned and smooth. But the difference is very minor, and it depends upon the doctor to choose the right one for you.

The treatment is performed by holding a handheld device and within some minutes the process is completed. Since there no surgery involved, the downtime is short and you can get back to your routine soon after.

Popular Skin Tightening Treatments and Types Available

There are many methods of laser skin tightening today. You will also find many types of home remedies of skin tightening. But the best and recommended way is laser skin tightening. The best part about laser skin tightening is that you get it done for any part of the body. You can target face, neck, upper body, back, thighs, etc.

The Need for Skin Tightening

As we grow older, our body reduces the production of collagen and elasticin. These are the two proteins that keep our skin look radiant, smooth, tighter and gives us a young appearance. What laser treatments do is that they heat the layer of the skin so that the skin starts to produce more amount of collagen and elasticin and as a result, our skin starts to look younger, wrinkle-free, radiant and tighter.

Since the process is non-invasive and non-surgical, it doesn’t possess any kind of downtime and the patient can resume life without any issues. Too loose or saggy skin can’t be repaired using such treatments so it’s better to try some other options for treating such skin. Read more about tightening skin here by Prive Clinic.

There are three main methods of skin tightening:

1. Ultrasound

You won’t believe but, ultrasound is not only for the expectant mothers. But ultrasound is used to make your skin richer and tighter. This the best procedure for the people who needs to have a huge lift to the skin. Ultrasound works form the deepest part of the skin. In ultrasound, the surgeon holds a handheld device through waves. These waves enter the deepest part of the skin and start heating it.

The patient may feel some discomfort, but surgeons usually apply an anesthetic cream to the targeted area. The complete process takes only 45 to 90 minutes and you will start seeing the difference right after having the treatment. But, to get the best results you will have to wait for around 2 to 3 months.

2. Radiofrequency

This procedure also uses a handheld device that uses heat to tighten up the skin. By using the handheld device, the radiofrequency is thrown on the targeted area of the skin so that the production of collagen and elasticin can be increased.

There is some amount of downtime involved in this process and the patient may feel a bit hot which is similar to stone massage. The process is gradual and thus you need to have around 6 to 10 treatments to get the proper results. These treatments are given in 7 to 10 days.

3. Radiofrequency Micro-needling

This is yet another process, in which a handheld device is used to transfer the heat to the lowest part of the skin. In this process, the device contains a set of pins. A motorized stamper that contains around 37 gold plated needles enters the layer of the skin and heat the deepest layer.

This process is quick, and you need to have multiple treatments so that you get the desired results. Multiple treatments also depends on the sagginess of skin.

Finding Skin Tightening Treatments That Work

Today, science is so advanced that plastic surgeons can tighten your sagging skin of any part of the body. Without any kind of surgeries. Given below are some of the skin tightening treatments that work.

Many topical products available that promise the tightening of facial and neck skin but if you want to see the real changes in the mirror, you must try radiofrequency. Radiofrequency is the best way for skin tightening. RF energy heats the skin’s surface that energizes the skin to start producing more amount of collagen naturally. Collagen is the protein that is the building block of skin.

For saggy skin, the doctors use two layers of skin, the top skin, and the bottom skin. In this process, RF is used to liquify the fat present in between the layer of the skin so that it starts to produce more collagen and thus starts toning and tightening of the skin.

A tiny hole is required in the skin to access the deeper layer of the skin. If the skin is too saggy, multiple treatments may be required. Generally, this process is carried out after giving a small dose of anaesthesia. Usually, when giving RF treatment, the patient feels a heating sensation which is quite hot and this treatment doesn’t leave any kind of scars on the skin.

Ultrasound Therapy

Another method of skin tightening is ultrasound. Ultrasound is not only for pregnant women but it can also be used for the treatment of skin tightening. In ultrasound, the energy is transferred via ultherapy. Ultherapy uses sound waves to boost the production of collagen which is stored in skins surface. As a result, you will find your skin to be toned and well tightened. This therapy can be performed on any part of the body. You can get this treatment for neck, face, thighs, etc and get your complete body toned. In this process, the heat is directly transmitted to the deepest layer by skipping the top layers.

Micro-Needling Therapy

Another process is called micro-needling, this process is a combination of both radiofrequency and laser light. In this process, a robotic motor uses tiny needles to reach the deepest layer of the skin and then give radiofrequency energy so that the process starts from the bottom layer. This process doesn’t involve any kind of downtime and thus the patient gets free within an hour or so. After taking the treatment, most of the patient has seen a gradual improvement to their skin and their skin became tighter to a great extent making them look way younger.

Most famous which is usually done by rich and famous – Plastic Surgery

When it comes to skin tightening, plastic surgery is the best way. This is the most effective way of skin tightening and thus most of the celebrities follow the same procedure. This process is most effective for the tummy, lower body, arm lift, etc. Although this process needs some time to recover this process lasts for a longer period and it needs a highly skilled and experienced surgeon as it is a high-risk and invasive surgical procedure.

Understanding Fat Freeze Technology in Singapore

“What a perfect body, size zero”, “I wish I could be more like the super models, but I am too busy to exercise”. Have u ever heard of these phrases? Of course yes, we all at some point in time would have been looking for achieving a perfect body which personifies beauty and confidence. Ever since the inception of mankind there have been different ways of self-praising or self-pitying. It is believed that self-worth is associated with the external drivers like: being thin or muscular, which adheres to hard working, successful, popular, strong, pretty and well-maintained and a balanced personality. Means there is a connection in being accepted by the society and just being thinner.

Singapore is no exception. People in Singapore having different work schedules, varied obligations in numerous jobs and businesses makes it difficult to work out or exercise extensively, instead flexible and adaptable means of achieving the desired body shapes are welcomed such as fat freezing technology treatment.

The New Solution

It is an uprising trend in Singapore. As people having busy lifestyles are opting for it. It’s a non-surgical fat reduction treatment for stubborn areas where fat gets accumulated and is not easier to shed off like the inner thighs, outer thighs, abdomen, flanks, upper arms, double chin etc. It is not a weight loss procedure, so it is not recommended for people who are substantially overweight or obese. There are a wide range of treatments available like cool-sculpting procedures and many consultation companies are offering the treatments. In Singapore individuals approach these consultation companies for taking appointment and getting eligible for the required jobs to be done. While weighing the pros and cons there definitely is a positive trend.

With broadened perspectives and innovation people in Singapore are opting for such procedure time in and out for self-rejuvenation. Several individuals are using this technology to freeze away unwanted fat cells without a single incision and can relax, read, or browse the internet. The treatment area becomes numb soon after treatment begins, so most patients find the experience quite comfortable. Hence, it’s a transformation that takes few appointments and even folks resume their daily activities as soon as the appointment is over, and then later watch their results develop.

Treatment Adoption and Upkeep

In Singapore because of advancement in technology body contouring using fat freeze technology is done with the aid of medical machines. People are mainly opting it because unlike other surgical treatments, it’s cost effective, pain free, time saving, showing impressive results and fewer risks involved. There are a few minor side effects to consider, temporary numbness, redness, itchiness and irritation. However, they are temporary. Those who have undergone such treatments in Singapore have reported a 20% to 26% reduction of fat. The out-comes are swiftly achievable and experts say that these results will last for fairly a good  amount of time only if the patient maintains a healthy lifestyle and exercises regularly. Compared to other procedures fat freezing is comparatively cost effective and cheap in Singapore with desirable results.

People also go an extra mile for personalized treatments. Their priority is their well-being and healthy life styles. In a nut shell it’s relatively new yet a trendsetting technique which is said to go a long way forward in the concentrated consumer market of Singapore.   

Oxygen Facials at Home

Oxygen Facials at Home

Have you ever tried having facial treatments? Then you are lucky if you have already experienced having facial treatments for the skin condition that you might be experiencing because many of these skin conditions cannot be easily treated with health and beauty products. However, we all know that it could be expensive and that not all of us could really afford it. That is why we are going to help you with that. In this article, we are going to teach you how to do an oxygen facial treatment at home.

Before we start, we should first have an idea on what oxygen facial is. Spafinder Wellness 365 will be the one to explain it to us.

What is an Oxygen Facial?

Oxygen facials are said to combat visible signs of aging linked to poor conveyance of oxygen from subcutaneous capillaries to the surface of the skin. They address the deficiency by delivering highly concentrated oxygen molecules directly to the epidermis so you can put your best face forward. Read more here.

One main thing that oxygen facial does is that it battles aging. That is the reason why many celebrities who are already experiencing some signs of aging opt to having oxygen facials because it reduces or mends some of it with fewer side effects. And they need it because there is no recovery time needed. One thing we should also look out for is Prive oxygen facial treatment.

Moving on, Amelia will now tell us how to do an at-home oxygen facial.

How to do an At-Home Oxygen Facial

Keeping skin healthy and glowing is no easy feat. Pollution, daily stress and environmental aggressors all threaten to attack our glow, and dull down our complexions, which is where an at-home oxygen facial comes into play. Read more here.

There are three products introduced above which we can use for an at-home oxygen facial treatment. The procedure on how we should do it is mentioned for each product so that we could have an idea about the process. Following these could really save you a lot of money. In addition, Jordan Muto will share to us more on how we should do oxygen facials at home.

Ashley Graham’s skin care secret — and how you can try it at home

While this sounds great, it does come at a price. A single treatment typically costs more than $100. Ouch! But don’t worry! If you don’t want to head to the spa, there are some gentler at-home options to try. Read more here.

Let us try to accept the fact that having oxygen facials could really cost a lot of money. Not all of us could really afford it and it would be a pity for those who really want it so bad. However, don’t lose hope because it is not yet the end of it. Great news was provided above that there are some oxygen facial products that we could try at home! There is a list given above and you should definitely try some of them. See? Being beautiful doesn’t really have to be that expensive.


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I have just started my consulting online for new bloggers or those who want to be bloggers. My first client is a girl named Rachel, who I met through chacha! She and I struck up a conversation and I explained to her what I do and she asked me for help. She is very much into at-home jobs, and she wanted to put into application what I teach at TBW.

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Guest Blogger Randa Clay

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5 ways to find out what your readers are interested in reading

There is a quote by Alice MacDougall that says “In business you get what you want by giving other people what they want.” I would say this goes for blogging as well. Bloggers want readers. The way to get and keep your readers is to consistently give them the information they’re interested in. How do you find out what they’re interested in? Here are 5 ways:

1. Do you have a search form on your page? (you should) What are readers searching for? For example, I have a kids site where I have coloring pages, word searches, etc., and when I see in my stats that someone has entered something like “play money” in the search form, I make some printable play money and post it at the next opportunity.

2. What are your most popular posts? What posts have gotten the most comments? Write more like that.

3. Do a WordTracker trial or a search on Overture’s keyword tool around your main keywords. What are people searching for the most? Write posts around the items you find that are within the scope of your site.

4. Install MyBlogLog on your site and use the member pages to find out what other blogs your readers frequent, along with other things about them such as what they’ve tagged on del.icio.us, for example.

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Now, I’m not trying to say if your blog is about underwater basketweaving, that if you find out a large number of your readers are interested in claymation that you should suddenly write lots of posts about claymation (you could start another blog about claymation and cross-promote them though). What I am saying is that if you find out that your readers are most interested in the different materials to weave their baskets with, spend more time writing about that than methods of drying out the baskets when they’re complete!

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I am not fond of having to sign up through wordpress.com for a username. I understand their point of it. But it was painless and I got my API key within 2 minutes and to install it was painless as it was already installed. You just copy and paste and click activate and I have to say I’m not looking back. Its a great tool.