Here are a list of tools that are helpful to bloggers! This list is every growing and with your contributions I can make this list really great!

  1. – Akismet is a comment spam blocking tool. It is a free tool for personal bloggers but if you are a professional blogger the API key is $5/mo. This plugin comes with all the newest versions of WP and you just have to put in your API key
  2. Blogjet – A blog editing tool without having to open up your browser from what I’ve read it is windows platform only
  3. is an offline weblog client for the average blogger to the professional blogger and it is said to be simple enough for even for the beginner
  4. Bloglines – a web based RSS feeder
  5. – a bloggers metric tool
  6. – a polling tool for your blog where you can also put your paying ads on the results page
  7. – away for a few days get someone else to continue posting on your blog!
  8. – a variety of tools for the avid blogger
  9. a bookmark/link management program
  10. Bravenet – a variety of tools for a blog (guestbook counter etc)
  11. – copyrighting your materials
  12. – checks to see if any other website stole your material
  13. – an online bookmark management program
  14. Digg – an online social bookmarking program
  15. DomainsBot – creative names for domains when the one you want is taken!
  16. Ecto – blogging edit tool for bot MacOSX and Windows
  17. Kula-Endo – a mac aggregator
  18. Ether – free phone that allows you to charge the caller by the hour for your services.
  19. Feedburner – an RSS feed management tool
  20. Feedster – an RSS search feed
  21. FeedDemon – a rss feed tool for windows by newsgater $29.95 (free trial available)
  22. Feedblitz – RSS and email service
  23. Flickr – a image hosting service
  24. – a bookmark sharing community
  25. Filmloop – photo sharing community
  26. Feedpass – an RSS feed
  27. Favicon from Pics – a favicon maker
  28. Google Analytics – google’s metric tool
  29. Gabbly – a chatroom for your blog!
  30. Google Reader – a great tool for reading all your RSS feeds
  31. Google Blog Search – googles blog searching tool
  32. Google Webmaster Tools – a site indexer from google
  33. Haloscan – a free comment program for those who have blogs that do not come with comments equipt.
  34. MyBlogLog – a metrics tool
  35. Have A Mint – a metrics tool to help organise your targeted audience
  36. Nichebot – keyword research
  37. – when your domains taken that you want nameboy helps generate new ones
  38. Netvibes – an RSS news aggregator great for a homepage
  39. Beta.Netscape – an online socialised bookmarker
  40. OnlyWire – online bookmarklet
  41. Scoopt – For journalist interested in buying content off your website
  42. Slide – a photo hosting website
  43. Snap – a great tool to load previews of websites when hovering over a link
  44. Technorati – blog search engine, feed reader and more
  45. Vizu – blog polling
  46. W. Bloggar
  47. YouTube – video hosting + sharing
  48. Zoundry – blogger’s editting tool