With pay-per-posts the hottest thing, I must disclose my opinion and policy on it. I do, do pay-per-posts. They come from blogsvertise.com, payperpost.com. sponsoredreviews.com or outside sources contacting to review a website or a product.

I don’t take a review that is purely based on money. All of my reviews are either blog related or something related to me personally, and what I like. As the website progresses I get a lot of emails about who am I what do I like and what do I do? Well those are important things and I pick my reviews based on it.

For example because of a lot of people close to me having been affected by it my first sponsored post was about a drug rehab center. Some people might be turned off by that but the review actually meant a lot to me.

I’m sorry if this offends anyone. The money goes right back into the site and provides you with contest prizes, better load time for increased plans if needed. The money also goes into purchasing ways to promote the site and products so I can give first hand experience on what happens with this product and how well or how poorly it works.

Please keep those in mind when you see a paid post.