Understanding Fat Freeze Technology in Singapore

“What a perfect body, size zero”, “I wish I could be more like the super models, but I am too busy to exercise”. Have u ever heard of these phrases? Of course yes, we all at some point in time would have been looking for achieving a perfect body which personifies beauty and confidence. Ever since the inception of mankind there have been different ways of self-praising or self-pitying. It is believed that self-worth is associated with the external drivers like: being thin or muscular, which adheres to hard working, successful, popular, strong, pretty and well-maintained and a balanced personality. Means there is a connection in being accepted by the society and just being thinner.

Singapore is no exception. People in Singapore having different work schedules, varied obligations in numerous jobs and businesses makes it difficult to work out or exercise extensively, instead flexible and adaptable means of achieving the desired body shapes are welcomed such as fat freezing technology treatment.

The New Solution

It is an uprising trend in Singapore. As people having busy lifestyles are opting for it. It’s a non-surgical fat reduction treatment for stubborn areas where fat gets accumulated and is not easier to shed off like the inner thighs, outer thighs, abdomen, flanks, upper arms, double chin etc. It is not a weight loss procedure, so it is not recommended for people who are substantially overweight or obese. There are a wide range of treatments available like cool-sculpting procedures and many consultation companies are offering the treatments. In Singapore individuals approach these consultation companies for taking appointment and getting eligible for the required jobs to be done. While weighing the pros and cons there definitely is a positive trend.

With broadened perspectives and innovation people in Singapore are opting for such procedure time in and out for self-rejuvenation. Several individuals are using this technology to freeze away unwanted fat cells without a single incision and can relax, read, or browse the internet. The treatment area becomes numb soon after treatment begins, so most patients find the experience quite comfortable. Hence, it’s a transformation that takes few appointments and even folks resume their daily activities as soon as the appointment is over, and then later watch their results develop.

Treatment Adoption and Upkeep

In Singapore because of advancement in technology body contouring using fat freeze technology is done with the aid of medical machines. People are mainly opting it because unlike other surgical treatments, it’s cost effective, pain free, time saving, showing impressive results and fewer risks involved. There are a few minor side effects to consider, temporary numbness, redness, itchiness and irritation. However, they are temporary. Those who have undergone such treatments in Singapore have reported a 20% to 26% reduction of fat. The out-comes are swiftly achievable and experts say that these results will last for fairly a good  amount of time only if the patient maintains a healthy lifestyle and exercises regularly. Compared to other procedures fat freezing is comparatively cost effective and cheap in Singapore with desirable results.

People also go an extra mile for personalized treatments. Their priority is their well-being and healthy life styles. In a nut shell it’s relatively new yet a trendsetting technique which is said to go a long way forward in the concentrated consumer market of Singapore.