Rooftop Bars in Singapore

All of us wants to experience something new every once in a while. If you are travelling to Singapore, we are going to introduce you to a different kind of bar. We are going to introduce you to rooftop bars. Below, we are going to tell you about a bunch of rooftop bars that you could definitely visit anytime in Singapore. Brace yourselves for another experience that could be one of your bests.

But first, let us take a look at one of the most prominent rooftop bars in Singapore. At Bay Hotel Rooftop Bar, you get a panoramic view of the city’s offshore entertainment island – Sentosa. Watch out for the occasional fireworks display if you are lucky to catch them. Also, this rooftop bar is like no other in that it offers authentic Indonesian food with a modern twist. It is certainly uniquely experience and you should check out their site for more details.


Next, The Best Singapore is going to tell us about seven of the best rooftop bars in Singapore.


In a modern city with thousands of skyscrapers like Singapore, it is not difficult to find a rooftop bar. Away from air conditioning area, it is intensively pleasurable to feel cool blows and enjoy the icy cocktails in a rooftop bar. Either to capture the whole cityscape at the highest building for an on-top-of-the-world feeling or to have a fondling touch of the wind over the shoulders at enough high level, it is a great experience in life.

Herein we suggest the 7 best rooftop bars in Singapore with their typical features for you to enjoy the diversity. Read more here.

Great! We now know about five rooftop bars in Singapore. Their highlights are mentioned like what we could experience in there. There is a full review of the place which could help first timers decide. Those are just seven that is why Lady Iron Chef is going to give us more. Let us read about 25 rooftop bars in Singapore with the best views of the city.


Thank God it’s Friday! Instead of heading down to the same bar that you have been frequenting since the beginning of this year, why not try something new? Singapore has heaps of beautiful rooftp bars that will impress even the cynics.

From extravagant bars to laid back ones, we have highlighted a list of gorgeous rooftop bars that exude vastly different vibes. Here is our guide to the best Rooftop Bars in Singapore with amazing views and great ambience—there is definitely at least one that will catch your fancy.


We bet you’d never expected to find a swanky open-concept bar in Alexandra. This chill bar is called Aqua Luna and is situated on the seventh floor of Park Hotel Alexandra. While not exactly a rooftop bar, Aqua Luna is a stylish al fresco bar—with an alternative view of the beautiful Queenstown precinct—is parked right beside the 25-metre infinity swimming pool and offers an exciting gourmet menu. Read more here.

            Wow! All those places look fancy. We can now easily locate these rooftop bars because their address, contact number, opening hours, and nearest station are already given above. If not contented, Chui Choo Fong will give us another 30 rooftop restaurants and bars i Singapore with best view.

30 Rooftop Restaurants & Bars in Singapore With The Best View

In Singapore, given our limited space, it’s all about the high life. Buildings are built higher and higher and its no surprise restaurants and bars are now coming with gorgeous views of the city skyline.

Great for a romantic date, these restaurants and bars in Singapore offer the best rooftop view while dining on delicious food or sipping on cocktails. It’s not just about the height though, its really about the view.

  1. CE LA VI Singapore

CÉ LA VI (renamed from KU DE TA) is a modern Asian restaurant which offers both alfresco and indoor dining, as well as a panoramic view which embraces the Marina Bay skyline. Fusion cuisine perfectly cooked by award winning chefs accompanied with top grade wine, this is without a doubt a good place to enjoy the Singapore View. `Read more here.

Just looking at the pictures will really encourage you to go to the place and try out everything. The scenes are fantastic. Rooftop bars could really be relaxing for anyone who wants to unwind. There is a wonderful view and partner it with the good cuisine and drinks then everything would be perfect. Celebrations would definitely be worth it with this rooftop bars in Singapore.