Indonesian Culture and Cuisine Around the World

Indonesia is one of the countries of Southeast Asia and it is also a home to a big number of ethnic groups. They also have a unique and wonderful cuisine which the people in different nations love and appreciate. Several countries, just like Singapore, also have their own Indonesian restaurants around. It just proves that Indonesia’s cuisine is world class and can be appreciated by people of different nationalities.

One Indo restaurant in Singapore, Bay Hotel, is one of the few hotels in Singapore that exclusively cater Indonesian food. Located near the Harbourfront area, diners can be rewarded with Indonesian food cooked in a modern twist, along with a panoramic view of the south side of Singapore. Bay Hotel Indo Restaurant is one you should look out if you want to taste Indonesian food in a comfortable setting.

To start, We Love Indonesia will introduce to us Indonesian food or the flavours of Indonesia.

Indonesian food – Flavors of Indonesia

You would better get your taste buds ready when coming to Indonesia. The variety of mouth-watering cuisine is almost limitless since the country is boasting of the most colorful

foods in the world, full of intense flavors. If you are the rice lover, you’ll especially enjoy your journey to Indonesia.

This can be traced from its rich cultural background of more than 300 ethnic groups. The location of the country in the tropics also means that they never fall short of ingredients leading to more recipes that you would bother to count. Therefore, it is no wonder that the country is listed in the TOP 50 countries with most indigenous foods in the world. Read more here.

A short history of their ethnic cuisine is mentioned above. Basically there are more than 300 ethnic groups in Indonesia which also gives them a variety of ethnic foods. However, some of their cuisines also have external influences.

If we don’t know, there are also Indonesian restaurants in foreign countries and one of those countries is Singapore. Now, Averlynn Lim will share to us eleven best Indonesian food places in Singapore.

11 Best Indonesian Food Places in Singapore That Are More Sedap Than IndoMie

The Best Indonesian Grub in Singapore

This is for those who think that we can’t find good Indonesian grub in Singapore, for those who are eager to tuck into some lip smacking, unique, ethnic cuisine which uses a blend of different spices.

Although Singapore doesn’t have as many Indonesian eateries as we would like, you’ll be delighted to know that we can still savour the best of Indonesian goodness on our sunny shores – if you know where to look. Read on to find out the 11 best places in Singapore that serve the most sedap Indonesian food!

  1. Cumi Bali Indonesian Restaurant

With a rich history in serving up authentic Indonesian food, Cumi Bali is a family-run restaurant. They have quite a few house specials which include their Sate Madura (Chicken Satay), Cumi Bali (grilled sotong), Ikan Bakar (grilled fish) and many more. The restaurant occupies two levels in a shophouse along Tanjong Pagar and the dishes are whipped up by passionate chefs upon ordering. Read more here.

The pieces of information provided above for each restaurant includes their must-try dishes, address, and official website. You can now easily locate these restaurants if you are ever interested in trying.

Next place we are going to visit is London. Indonesia Travel will tell us about the popularized Indonesian culture and flavours at Potters Field, Lodon.

The ‘Indonesian Weekend’ popularized Indonesian Culture and Flavors at Potters Field, London

 On 28th and 29th May,  London’s popular Potters Field  by  London’s iconic Tower Bridge was transformed into an Indonesian island where throngs of visitors came to dance together in a flash mob of poco-poco, watch riveting Indonesian pencak silat martial art, listen to gamelan music , see fashion shows, play the gasing or spinning top, and enjoy yummy Indonesian food that includes the mouth watering sate ayam, aromatic Toraja coffee and displayed the Wonderful destinations that spell Indonesia.    Held from 12:00am to 09:00pm for two continuous days, the event attracted families and onlookers from across London.

Livening up the atmosphere, the Indonesian Weekend kicked off with a flash mob of Poco-poco Dance, a very popular trendy dance originating from East Indonesia. Led by Lily Karmel, Head of Programs and Empowerments of Indonesia’s Cultural Sport Federation (FOKBI),  visitors could not but join in the flash mob , easily following the choreography,  dancing to its lilting music. Read more here.

It is nice to know that even just for a few days, the Indonesian culture was shared to foreigners and Indonesians residing in that place were able to experience their culture again. Indonesia’s finest foods were also cooked and introduces to everyone. In general, it is nice to know that people accept and appreciate the culture of foreign countries, that they allow them to celebrate and share their culture to anyone in the world.